David Welton

Who are you?

I am originally from Oregon, in the US, live in Padova, Italy, and have been a programmer for the past 15 years, working with a number of languages.

What’s the most interesting/funny bug you’ve met so far and how did you solve it?

When I was heavily involved with Apache Rivet, I once got some very strange errors, that were very difficult to replicate.

After some intense work with GDB, I narrowed the problem down to a particular struct that appears in a library that Rivet links to.

Being a bridge between Apache and Tcl, Rivet links to elements of both, and it turned out that on this particular system, Apache and Tcl were compiled against very slightly different versions of this struct, meaning that in certain situations, code thinking it was going to get one got another, and occasionally the small difference would be enough to blow things up in a way that was not very clear.

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